Pärra Andreasson RUSKIG Graffitikonstnär Malmö Sverige

Ruskig Ångest- Raw, Chilly Anxiety


The Return Of The Fresh/ Painting Manifesto


Our painting culture introduces total participation.

We paint with a penchant for the danger and love for the courage of energy as a driving force and recklessness as the usual, universal and everyday practice.

Painting for the moment and painting for the eternal. Painting that bleeds.

There is a truth, between us as a group, that everything is permitted.

Who of us is the most sincere? Our personal goals are to achieve total objectivity together.


Painting can not proceed to a simplified reasoning or towards abbreviation about the content and context without complexity being performed jointly and as a consequence understood by the mass.

Logic is a complication and simplification. Logic is a wrong consequence.

It requires art and painting that is brave, strong, straight, precise and beyond comprehension.


The consciousness of a dreamy device is always to full satisfaction. Happiness. Happy. Succeed.

To exist continues somewhere else.

Painting as described, without being ashamed, as beautiful, political, erotic, musical, choreographic and mysterious.


A complete mobilization of all common artistic and human power. Egot’s death.

Structural. Reductive. Seductive. Secondary. Ejective. Cool. – Maximum measurement painting.

The authenticity is invaluable and the originality is non-existent.

Painting XXY


Forced truth.

Tomorrow, we will all continue together to construct another opportunity.


Instagram: ruskigstm


About 2018.

This year I start in Bangkok, Thailand.

– I want to paint 7-9 big, huge monumental graffiti paintings in Bangkok on the theme The Idea Of Love. It originates in Nordic mythological midsummer flowers. Life, death and love.

– I am a graffiti artistic director of the Gottsunda Hip Hop Festival, where we invite Alan Ket, Mode 2, Rubin, Bless One, Simoni Fontana, Boxhead, Pang and many other Urban artists, who, in addition, create content both politically and purely artistic.

– In Malmös Urbanartmuseum Hangaren, I paint together with serious colleagues about all surfaces in an ambitious cooperation workshop starting in April and with presentation at GalleryNight in September. We will lift the people who exist throughout the world, but still lack language, culture and national affiliation.

– I still want to show my genus exhibition s(KÖN) in an art gallery, which, unlike Kulturcentrum in Ronneby, excuses the expression, dares to show vaginal power and stake. =)

– I have begun two new artistic processes that I love to grab. 1. The King In The City With Kim Demåne. 2. Amnesty paintings commenced at the UA Reggae Festival last year.

– Furthermore, I hope for dynamic meetings, aesthetic challenges and craps, educational adventures and excursions, as well as political self-explanations.