The city in my/our dreams. A HipHopMusical Project 2013-2015 in collaboration with ABF, Malmö Opera, Malmö Concert Hall and The Dancestationen. Here is a picture from the project's art group that renovates a Core picture in Bjärred from the 80's.

We were first and never wiped. Workshop with approx. 400 students at Söndrum School 2014 in Halmstad. The result was a 2.4X24m long painting with portraits of all students from the school.

2004- 2014. Ronneby Bruket. 130kvm wall that is painted every year in different workshop configurations. The Hip Hop School Spinneriet made this wall in 2012 with a sketch of Basti Santa. Parallel with this work, mass activities are performed such as exhibitions, ornaments, performances and courses. In cooperation with Kulturcentrum in Ronneby.

100 participants from Gastro Clinic MAS Hospital, in team building workshop in Pildammsparken, Malmö 2013. In collaboration with Adventura.

Search for work with graffiti. A workshop for young people on future and employment in cooperation with the Folkbildningföreningen and the Malmö Festival in 2013.

Spinneriet 2012. Parafrasworkshop.

Spinneriet Mars 2010. Nordisk Stil.

Courses in ubran arts in Europe's street art city, Berlin 2010 with participants from the Spinneriet School for Urban Art and HipHop Culture. In cooperation with the Folkbildningföreningen, Educational Cooperation from Malmö.

Assistant workshop for participants from Spinneriet in collaboration with Örebros Artmuseum 2010. The process led to the exhibition SubGlobII, which showed street artists Ruskig Ångest, Kaos, Brad Downey, Fefe Talavera, Nuria Mora and Mark Jenkins.

Process image from Bruketväggen in Ronneby 2009 with participants from Spinneriet from Malmö and Hanhgymnasium in Ronneby.

Mosaic Workshop at Spinneriet 2009. 3 weeks work in collaboration with EON and guestteacher Brad Downey. The picture depicts how the wall appeared when the wall was found. Sofielund, Malmö

Mosaic wall building on Spinneriet 2009.

Traineeship work for Ajja and Agge, participant from the Urban Art School Spinneriet 2009. On behalf of, the Danish Art Council, Simone Aaberg Kaern performed a gesture at the combat pilot school in Linköping. Picture from the opening ceremony.

Why does graffiti look like it does, with words as a starting point and stolen comic characters? This part of graffiti, sometime called Old-School, has gained 10,000s of followers worldwide. Why? The Urbanart School, had lessons with one of the pioneers, Blade from NY, under the title, "Without Blade, no Banksy". In Sydhamnen, Copenhagen, Denmark 2008.

Monumental painting course with Inti Castro Bobba from Chile as a part of UrbanArts in Sofielund, Malmö 2008. Image from Spinneriet, the UrbanArt School studio on Ystadgsgatan, Ugglehuset.

A workshop in graffiti learning is basically about image knowledge. Learning to take pictures, tune pictures, and learn how to use images to spread a message. 2007. Photo from Bladins Primary School in Malmö.

Gymnasiumschool workshop Uddevalla 2006. Estet students paint 150kvm wall.

Graffitimåleri för +55-åringar. Landet runt mellan 2003- 04 i samarbete med Sveriges Konstföreningar. Denna bild är från Mora.